Future and Past Conferences

Future ICMMES Conferences

ICMMES 2017, Nantes, France, July 17 -- 21, 2017

ICMMES 2018, Newark, Delaware, USA, July 2018

ICMMES 2019, Edinburgh, UK, July 2019


Past ICMMES Conferences

ICMMES 2015 (12th), Beijing, China, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2015

ICMMES 2014 (11th), New York City, USA, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2014

ICMMES 2013 (10th), Oxford, UK, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2013

ICMMES 2012 (9th), Taipei, Taiwan, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2012

ICMMES 2011 (8th), Lyon, France, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2011

ICMMES 2010 (7th), Edmonton, Canada, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2010

ICMMES 2009 (6th), Guangzhou, China, http://2009.icmmes.org/

ICMMES 2008 (5th), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, http://2008.icmmes.org/

ICMMES 2007 (4th), Munich, Germany, http://2007.icmmes.org/

ICMMES 2006 (3rd), Hampton, USA, http://2006.icmmes.org/

ICMMES 2005 (2nd), Hong Kong, http://2005.icmmes.org/

ICMMES 2004 (1st), Braunschweig, Germany, http://2004.icmmes.org/











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