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Sunday, 15 March 2009 03:09

Preparation of Abstracts to be included in the ICMMES-2011 Program:

  • The abstracts to ICMMES should be prepared in LaTeX only. To aid the preparation of abstracts using LaTeX, a brief guide and a LaTeX template can be download here: guide+template.
  • The length of an abstract is no more than 2 pages, based on the template provided by ICMMES.

Submission of Abstracts:

  • You must register via Conftool before you can submit an abstract.
  • Please submit your abstract using your login after you create an account on Conftool.
  • The Conftool only accepts files with the following extensions: tex, zip, tgz, and rar.
  • If your abstract is a single LaTeX file without figures, you can upload the LaTeX file through the Conftool account which is created when you register. If your abstract consists of multiple files, such as figures, you should use either zip or tar to make all these file into a single package to be uploaded.
  • Only those who have registered and paid the registration fees are allowed to submit abstracts to ICMMES. Each registered attendee is only allowed to give ONE oral presentation and to submit ONE paper to the ICMMES proceedings. However, each attendee can submit multiple abstracts for poster-presentations in ICMMES.


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