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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 15:35


Other Conferences and Meetings related to ICMMES:

  • OCCAM Lattice Boltzmann Workshop, September 1-2, 2011, Wadham College, University of Oxford.
  • Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) and ICMMES will organize a Spring School on LBM in Beijing, May 2 - 6, 2011. There will be 10 lectures on the basic theories and practices of LBM, which will be delivered by Pietro Asinari, Paul Dellar, Dominique d'Humieres, Martin Geier, Zhaoli Guo, Manfred Krafczyk, Pierre Lallemand, Li-Shi Luo, Taku Ohwada, and Wen-An Yong.
  • SIAM Conferece on Computational Science & Engineering, Feb. 28 - March 4, 2011, Reno, Nevada, USA. Several mini-symposiums are LBM related (MS108, MS109, MS121, MS133, MS145, ). Li-Shi Luo and Gerhart Wellein gave Invited Presentations.
  • Joint OCCAM/ICFD Lattice Boltzmann Workshop, September 13-14, 2010, New College, University of Oxford.
  • ICMMES organized a mini-symposium (08.15.1) on The Lattice Boltzmann Method and Its Applications during American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting, March 15-19, 2010, Portland, Oregon, USA. The organizers of the mini-symposiums are Li-Shi Luo and Manfred Krafczyk.
  • ICMMES organized 2 mini-symposiums (MS21/MS32) on The Lattice Boltzmann Method in Science and Engineering during SIAM Conference on Computational Science & Engineering, March 2-6, 2009, Miami, Florida, USA. The organizers of the mini-symposiums are Manfred Krafczyk and Li-Shi Luo. The speakers include: Pietro Asinari, Joerg Bernsdorf, Paul J. Dellar, Jan Goetz, Christian Jannssen, Manfred Kraczyk, Li-Shi Luo, and Liang-Ping Wang.
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